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Supported Countries

Here is a list of countries that can register for testbox and since when this has been possible.

Your country is not on the list?
Providing our services in other countries requires careful examination and adaptation to various legal requirements. This includes aspects such as tax regulations, medical regulations, and data protection laws.
We are dedicated to taking all necessary steps to make our services available in your country. However, this process may take some time as it is important to thoroughly review all details.
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Argentina August 2023
Australia August 2023
Austria May 2023
Belgium May 2023
Bulgaria May 2023
Cyprus May 2023
Czech Republic May 2023
Denmark May 2023
Estonia May 2023
Finland May 2023
France May 2023
Germany August 2020
Greece May 2023
Hungary May 2023
Ireland May 2023
Italy May 2023
Latvia May 2023
Lithuania May 2023
Luxembourg May 2023
Montenegro August 2023
Netherlands May 2023
Norway August 2023
Poland May 2023
Portugal May 2023
Romania May 2023
Serbia May 2023
Slovakia May 2023
Slovenia May 2023
Spain May 2023
Sweden May 2023
Turkey August 2023
United Kingdom May 2023
United States August 2023