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Medical device

Version 1.0.42-4
insight.out GmbH
Hertelsbrunnenring 22
67657 Kaiserslautern
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Intended use

The software 'testbox' is a web-based platform offering a wide range of target group-specific assessments to support medical service providers in the detection of diseases.

The software enables medical service providers (e.g. doctors, therapists) to use the offered assessments as an additional source of information for diagnosis and therapy decisions, regardless of the size of the practice, and thus potentially improve the detection rate of possible diseases in the patient.

The offered assessments are selected by the medical service provider themselves and made directly available to the patient via the platform. The patient has the option to perform the testing remotely (e.g. from home via an internet-enabled device) or immediately in the medical service provider's practice rooms (e.g. via a tablet). The information entered by the patient during the test is then evaluated via the platform according to the specifications of the respective assessment, and the resulting outcomes (e.g. risk scores) are made accessible to the medical service provider in the form of a dashboard. By presenting the evaluation in the dashboard, the medical service provider is given a comprehensive, uncomplicated, and transparent overview of the various parameters and norm values of the respective assessment, thus ensuring comprehensibility for the medical service provider at all times.

The software does not provide its own diagnosis but provides the medical service provider with the opportunity to quickly and safely obtain information that they can use for their own diagnosis and therapy decisions.

The application (and the output obtained from it) is only one of many building blocks, all of which must be taken into account by the medical service provider when making a diagnosis/treatment decision. The output obtained from the application alone is not sufficient for this purpose.